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Team Building



By Skype or Teams


Team members each complete the market-leading Wave Work Roles personality assessment questionnaire, online at their own convenience.  This is a British Psychological Society accredited psychometric test provided by the award-winning provider Saville Assessment.  Wave aligns each person with eight team roles.  You will receive an individual report identifying which of these roles are your most and least preferred within a team, according to your work style, preferences and behavioural tendencies. 


As an experienced Chartered Psychologist, trained to perform psychometric tests and specifically Wave, these reports will then be used by myself to create an overall team profile. I will then feed this back to you as part of an interactive team building session. As can be seen in the example below, I will compile a visual graphic which will display how your team's preferred roles are distributed (without naming anyone individually in order to maintain confidentiality and anonymity).  We will use this to explore the team's strengths as well as to increase understanding of the team's dynamics, encourage collaboration and support amongst one another, and enhance overall team satisfaction and performance.    

The feedback session is designed to be 1 hour in length and so easy for busy teams to accommodate within a lunch hour or regular meeting time slot.

...The session is designed to be used as a spring board from which teams move on to implement changes in their real working lives on a daily basis.  Hence the session provides the theory - but recognises that the most valuable time is spent building relationships within the team in the real work environment.

The feedback session takes place via video call so as to eliminate travel time and facilitate participation where teams work across different sites, or work from home, or have differing shift patterns/part-time members who may also like to join from home.  This has been found to remove barriers to attendance and crucially increase the possibility of all team members taking part.

This 2-part package is charged at £199 per person.

This includes the cost of psychometric testing, reports and 1 hour feed back session.

Team overview example - smaller_edited_edited_edited.png
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